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I have been providing visitors with tours/safaris/accommodations and helping answer questions about local culture and traditions since 1999.


Rheetesh is born and raised khajoo-town. Old school Brahman class. He knows all the nooks and crannies, samosas and chai shops, clean swimming holes, known and unknown temples. He’s got all the locals on speed dial and even knows how to cook. Let him show you the many sides of Khajuraho!!

Bradly Omega, USA

Reetesh is absolutely wonderful! From the moment I met him to the moment I departed, over a week later, he made me feel 100 percent taken care of. His home, Khajuraho, was an experience you cannot replicate anywhere else in India. I felt so grateful to get to experience the full on lifestyle in his beautiful village. His giving family was so full of love, I will never forget them! The long motorcycle rides under the setting sun, the colorful Indian wedding, his upbeat knowledge about temples and history of India, smooth train adventures, the most delicious foods and drinks all became some of the strongest, most loving memories for me. Khajuraho is magic and so is Reetesh!

Gelsina Ceritano, USA

Reetesh really showed me the daily life of the village people in Khajuraho. He showed me first hand the culture and traditions that I was really interested in seeing on my trip to India. We also had time to travel to many interesting locations during my 3 month stay with him.

Ram Bhakt, Yoga Teacher