India Tour – accommodation, yoga retreats

Below are options we can provide you or your group for a great trip or stay. Click on More details to learn more.

Walking or bicycle tours to temples, homes and schools

Khajuraho Tours

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Special tours / safari tours

In our special and safari tours, we can suggest hotels and local shops/restaurants, yoga classes, five star hotel accommodations or local apartments for rent for short period of stay if you want to save money and transportation / pick up service to travel from the airport.

Tourists Accommodations

Tourists Accommodations package are fully equipped with: Car rentals, local housing, cultural studies, other travels. I can help you find a place to stay at the lowest prices and help make any travel comfortable during your stay. I can also recommend local shops for all of your daily needs.
  • Five Star hotels
  • Local hotels
  • Bicycle/motorbike rentals
  • Travel to and from the airport
  • Local shops
  • Shower in a private home
  • Private apartments (especially for long-term stay)
  • Ashram visit

India Local tours

In our India Local tours packages, you will get to see waterfalls, wild animals, jungles, spiritual sites etc. Walking or hiking and bicycle rides. Jeep and tour bus rentals at local prices.